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Our Story 

People move and relocate for different reasons, and no matter where they go, they can find themselves stressed by the move and confused by the novelty. They want to know something and don't know where to turn, or they need to do something and don't know where to go. As former expats, international students, and global nomads to over 25 foreign countries, we know that feeling. We know how frustrating it can be and we realized there's a need for personalized and specific services from someone who is local and someone who understands the situation. Whether you lack the language or don't understand the culture, we bridge both and provide premium relocation and destination services. 


We are also educators and experts who have turned our trials and tribulations across the globe into a passion to help others no matter where they are. We want to serve everyone coming to the Tampa Bay area, from students to families and business men and women. We want to ensure their transition is smooth, they are fully supported and their stay is successful and enriching on a personal and professional level.

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