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We help people coming to the US and people moving out of the US.


Susanne Chabara, language teacher, expat, experienced English teacher, relocation & moving expert
Susanne Chabara, GMS, M. Ed. 
          Moving to another place is like closing the door to a familiar past and opening another to an unfamiliar future. This can be incredibly daunting and the luggage you bring is not limited to clothing and shoes. I have travelled all my life and know how hard it is to adjust to a new place with or without speaking the language. I draw from years of ‘on the ground’ experience in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North and South America, having relocated often to live and work as a reporter and English language instructor. I understand the challenges, am familiar with the pitfalls and know how to navigate unfamiliar territory. After settling in Tampa, I got my Masters in Education and partnered with Natalia to establish Cross Culture Concierge. I want to help you find what you need and get what you want so you can settle in and resume a normal life quickly. 
LANGUAGES: English, Arabic, German, French &  Spanish
EDUCATION: Masters in Education 
                         Bachelor in Journalism
                         Google Certified Educator
Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Germany - France - Austria - India - Turkey - Switzerland - Thailand - South Korea - Chile - Argentina - Monte Carlo - the Philippines
Michigan- Texas - Puerto Rico - New Jersey - Georgia - Pennsylvania - Illinois - Indiana - Kentucky - Florida
Scuba Diving, Traveling, Stamping, Reading, Tennis
Natalia Richards, M. Ed.
I’m a Tampa native, and have a Bachelor and Masters degree in Education, with an endorsement in ESL, from the University of Tampa. I worked as an ESL teacher in Western Massachusetts for five years before moving back to Tampa. I’ve travelled extensively throughout Asia, Australia and Europe. Traveling has always been a culmination of learning about local cultures, navigating my way through foreign lands, and experiencing unique opportunities. I worked as a translator in Madrid, and helped international students connect with apartment renters to find accommodations. I lived in Ollantaytambo, Peru, and was the Educational Coordinator for a health-education based non-profit. Most recently, I was an English instructor at the University of Tampa. I taught international university and professional students for 18 months. As of October 2016, I partnered with Susanne, to start Cross Culture Concierge. I am now combining my experience in education with my passion for cultures.
LANGUAGES: English & Spanish
EDUCATION:  Bachelor in Education
                          Masters in Education
                         Certified English and ESL instructor 
Thailand - Germany - Peru - Australia - Philippines - Indonesia - Costa Rica - Bolivia - Spain - Ireland - Austria - Bosnia - Czech Republic - Italy - Greece - England 
Florida - Massachusetts - Puerto Rico
Spending time in nature (whether on water or in the woods), reading classical books, cooking exotic foods and traveling the world. 

Natalia Richards
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