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Cultural Services 


Cross Culture Concierge utilizes its cultural experience and sensitivity to help clients with any challenge that comes from a cultural difference. 3C’s goal is to help international clients live complete lives within Tampa Bay’s community.  


Cross Culture Concierge organizes and plans tourist or leisure activities, as well as accompanies clients as a personal guide. 3C provides language support and guidance when necessary to make sure clients are able to fully enjoy an experience. Ideal for non-native speakers who wish to take part in all that Tampa offers, without worrying about language and cultural barriers.


Cross Culture Concierge assists international students assimilate into English speaking schools and classrooms by orienting them with their new school community. 3C supports both parents and students by educating them about rules, policies, procedures and more to ensure that students have a smooth transition into their new learning environment.


Cross Culture Concierge strives to ensure that a client’s move to Tampa is smooth and stress free. We are able to provide assistance with all things an individual could find challenging when transitioning: opening a bank account, finding long- or short-term accommodations, furnishing accommodations, reviewing contracts, signing-up for memberships, getting a drivers license and social security card. 


Cross Culture Concierge supports students by assisting them so they can focus on their education. 3c is able to focus on all the other important parts of adjusting and assimilating to the university community. 3c orients new students be assisting them with university enrollment, registering for classes, purchasing books, finding and furnishing accommodation, and all other outside of the classroom challenges that can distract a student from achieving academic success. 3C can also help with language tutoring, paper writing and editing as well as more sensitive topics such as DUI and arrests. Our services are 100% confidential.

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"I was lost when I moved to Tampa. Thanks to Susanne, the transition was smooth, and I knew I had help every step of the way. 3c made it a great and positive experience"

             Bernadette, Portugal

"3C invested hours in finding me the perfect apartment, and making sure that it fit all of my needs. 

             Christina, Netherlands

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