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Relocation Services 


At Cross Culture Concierge we understand that moving can be exciting and challenging and want to maximize exposure to the 'new home' location. A local expert will create a customized orientation package based on the client's needs. We form one-on-one partnerships to ensure every client becomes more familiar and knowledgeable about Tampa. We understand that every client has specific needs and want them to leave with positive impressions that exceed their expectations. In general, the Tampa Orientation package includes a tour of Tampa (and vicinity), and any of the following (as per the client's specific request). Multiple day visits and leisure visits (museums, parks, local excursions) can also be arranged. Here are some examples of visits that can be arranged and included in the orientation:


* Private or Public School visits

* Pre-school and day care visits

* Temporary or Corporate Housing

* Tour of homes for sale

* Shopping (grocery, malls and specialty markets)


Nothing is more daunting than not knowing whether you have found the right school district, found the right home, picked the right mobile service, or made the right WIFI/Cable choice. With so many choices, packages and offers, simple tasks can seem mind-boggling. At Cross Culture Concierge we provide customized options that meet the specific needs of the client, whether it's a short-term cellphone plan or access to Bollywood movies. Our goal is to ensure we provide information and guidance that suit the client's needs. Our experts can coordinate utility connections, assist with registration forms, set up bank accounts and arrange for local documentation like social security card, driver's license or ID card.  


People should know that moving is not just about finding a house, enrolling kids in school or going to work. It often includes learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture. We specialize in bridging language and culture to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Cross Culture Training sessions provide expert information about the US, its values, traditions, customs and more. It addresses attitudes and behaviors toward at the workplace, when making friends and how to develop strong relationships. They prepare and explain the different phases of culture shock and how to deal with them. Cross culture Concierge provides training to business professionals, their spouses and children. 


Cross Culture Concierge strives to ensure that a client’s move to Tampa is smooth and stress free. We are able to provide assistance with all things an individual could find challenging when first transitioning: establishing credit, opening a bank account, purchasing a car, finding long- or short-term accommodations, furnishing accommodations, reviewing contracts, signing-up for memberships, getting a drivers license. 

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