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Welcome to Cross Culture Concierge's Homestay Program, our newest addition to our suites of services. We are so glad you are interested in becoming a Host Family OR choosing a Homestay program while you study in Tampa. This is a partnership between families and students that can form lifetime friendships across continents.


* If you are a STUDENT - you want to live with a local family, experience and American lifestyle and have an opportunity to practice your English skills on a daily basis. You will be provided a private bedroom, a private or shared bathroom and 14 meals a day (generally breakfast and dinner). See more information below. 


* If you are a FAMILY - you want to open up your home with the spirit that the international student is a new member of your family. You want to expand your knowledge and cultural experience and learn about the student's native customs and traditions. You agree to provide a private bedroom and private or shared bathroom as well as 14 meals a day (generally breakfast and dinner). See more information below.


* At this time, Cross Culture Concierge has host families residing in Hillsborough County only. We are currently working hard to expand our services to other cities and counties


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Host Family and Welcome to Cross Culture Concierge's Homestay program. Your decision to become a host family will open a world of opportunities for you and the student coming into your home. You will learn about a different culture and possibly impact the life of another for a while and possibly for eternity. 


In order to ensure an excellent experience for both the Host Family and the Student, a careful selection and matching process has been put in place. There are several steps to the process which must be completed before placement of a student is finalized.

Apply today and start fostering an intercultural relationship.


Thank you for your interest in finding a Host Family and Welcome to Cross Culture Concierge's Homestay program. We believe your decision to come to the US is based on three major goals: to learn English and understand American culture, to achieve academic success, and to mature into a global citizen. The Homestay Family will play an important part in helping you achieve those goals. 

As a student, you agree to follow the rules and requirements, which include cooperation with the Homestay Family. The families have been carefully selected to ensure they will support you and be actively involved in your success. 

Please complete the application with as much information possible so we can match you to family accordingly. 


"Living in a homestay was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did I share a lot of experiences with my family and learn a lot about the culture, but I mainly got to practice the (English) language. In my homestay, I found people who corrected my mistakes which helped me to advance my speaking. Also with my family, I can enjoy activities outside in my free time, which not only made me have fun but also helped to practice the language." Nadia - COLUMBIA


"In my homestay, I had a lot of fun. I practice my English every day and I improved a lot. My family was kind and caring. We always ate together and talked, we did trips and visited the mall and cinema. It was the best decision and I would recommend it." Shinya - JAPAN


"I was only in Tampa for one month, but my homestay was great. I ate a lot of different food, I visited the museum, the Aquarium and the mall and I got to see some American culture - trick or treating on Halloween. It was a very rewarding experience." Esteban - MEXICO

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